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We are Novus Initium. We're a World of Warcraft guild on the Kul Tiras server.  We kill monsters and stuff

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Guild mumble meeting!!! 9-19-16 at 7 server

by threeam, 37 days ago

To discuss upcoming changes

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Legion 2.0

by threeam, 48 days ago

Its been one whole playing week of legion. This is a post to make verify what toon you are going to raid with. I understand we did one earlier. This is a current post since release. Post 1st  and 2nd choices.

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by threeam, 55 days ago

Be advised that Boogie and I will be exploring Loot changes as for the new expansion. Since we have acquired many more raiders, it is time to discuss a system that will work the best for the guild. Our goal is to try and provide best gear distribution for guild progress as well as character growth. Questions, concerns opinions, You know where to find me.


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