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Guild mumble meeting!!! 9-19-16 at 7 server

by threeam, 10 days ago

To discuss upcoming changes

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Legion 2.0

by threeam, 21 days ago

Its been one whole playing week of legion. This is a post to make verify what toon you are going to raid with. I understand we did one earlier. This is a current post since release. Post 1st  and 2nd choices.

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by threeam, 27 days ago

Be advised that Boogie and I will be exploring Loot changes as for the new expansion. Since we have acquired many more raiders, it is time to discuss a system that will work the best for the guild. Our goal is to try and provide best gear distribution for guild progress as well as character growth. Questions, concerns opinions, You know where to find me.


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by BoogiebooTheDruid, 39 days ago

As Legion fast approaches it is about that time to think about things in terms of Raid Characters/Classes...  As many of you have seen as of late there have been an influx of new joins to the guild.  We have tons of people wanting to play different classes or different roles than what they played in expansions past.

As the Raiding season for Legion draws closer I expect that most, if not all of you, have decided on the classes you plan to raid with.  With that being said I would like to know, for sure, what you will be manning and the role to which you plan to take on.  I want this info no later than 9 September 2016.  This gives you a few weeks into the expansion to level your class and work on your artifact weapons.  By this deadline you should pretty much have already made up your mind on whether you are going to stick with your original choice in character.

The tentative release of the first raid is somewhere between 3-4 weeks after the launch of the expansion.  I want to be in Raiding as close to the release date of the raid and to keep moving forward in anticipation of the next Raid release.  We will not fall behind this expansion.  So if your attitude is eh I will work on my gear when it's raid time that is the wrong answer and will not be tolerated this go around.  Learn your class!  If you have questions about something then ask.  But if you are going to ask then argue about the choices someone gives you then don't bother asking.

If you have a problem with anything I have said in this post I honestly don't care.  We want a successful Raiding Guild that is always looking to get better and if I have to be an ass then so be it I will!

P.S don't think Momma Bear is going to save you either. We work as a team as leadership should. Do not try and go behind our backs and pit us against each other because it won't work!



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